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Weekly Product Highlight (Honda Talon Gear Selector Shift Gate)

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Honda Talon Gear Selector Shift Gate

Our shift gate is one item we created with comfort and ease of use in mind.
The shift gate enables you to quickly and easily shift between forward and reverse gears even without looking!
With the factory shift gate it is necessary to move the shift lever over to the right then forward or backwards each time you want to shift gears. With our shift gate, once you are in gear, the gear change is as simple as forward and backward, saving time between gear changes and keeping your eyes on the trail, not on the shift knob.
Features include:
  • Gated shift between reverse and forward
  • One section for forward to reverse in low and one section for forward to reverse in high.
  • Made from aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Powder coated or raw finishes available
  • Bolts directly in, no cutting or modifications of the vehicle necessary
  • New mounting hardware included

As with every product we make everything is made here in the U.S.A and comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Honda Talon Gear Selector Shift Gate (Shiftgate)

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