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I just discovered a weak link to the Talon's frame. The frame tubing material is too thin and I think other areas may be of a concern when these cars are I pushed to their limits.
I've been developing and testing a rear sway bar kit in my 2020 X4 LV. The sway bar is 1.125 thick, the sway bar bushing bracket is CNC machined. I've taken extra precautions to reinforce the OEM sway bar bushing mounting pad with 3/16 plate sheet with several gussets and bends in the design which have proven to be reliable. All the stress is now transferred to the tubing and caused both tubes to crack. I'm currently reinforcing the frame but I have a feeling that the stress is going to move further up the tubing and may require the oem tubing to be cut off and new thicker tubing to be welded on.
The thicker sway bar definitely improves performance, the car can easily drift with minimal body roll. This is most noticeable when there's 4 people in the car with suspension setting on "Normal". With suspension set to "Sport" the car stays flat and you can whip the back end out with confidence. Will update this after several more sessions of testing.
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