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I know this is an apples to oranges comparison but here it goes anyways.

We took our Polaris General to MOAB and quickly found out that it wasn't a MOAB machine. Overheated our shocks so we basically had springs for suspension. Wheelbase was too short. Had a 3" lift on it which just made the tippy feeling worse. Decided we'd trade it as soon as we got back home. Well, we didn't make it home before we traded it.

Stopped at the dealer and test drove the new RZR XP, Maverick Sport XRC and the Talon. Both my wife and I were in 100% agreement that the Talon R was the choice after riding them around the track.

What do we like about the Talon:
Direct Drive! No more smoked belts
Suspension travel and the Fox 2.5 shocks
The hill assist. I use it more than I thought it would.
Much easier maintenance than the Polaris.
The looks. It just looks meaner to me.
Manual shifting. I use this more than I thought I would too
Plenty of room to work on things
Radiator is easy to get to to clean the dust out
The driver's seat adjusts much more easily than the Polaris General
Easily adjustable "oh shit" handle

What do we not care much for:
The cost of OEM accessories and aftermarket is till catching up
There is no place to put a switch without buying aftermarket plate or OEM plate
Didn't come with a winch
It's quite a bit louder than our General was in the cab
Almost zero storage stock without spending bucks on OEM or aftermarket storage additions
I wish the front and the back tires were the same size. We'll be changing that so we can run a spare
No bus bar for accessories. So you have to buy aftermarket to plug into the single key-on power plug.

It sucks having to re
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