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Just ordered a Tiger Tail for the Talon, I have only seen one in action but it did impress me and looks like a lot easier than using a rope or even the winch for most extractions.


Sales stuff:

The toughest & quickest, tangle-free tow system for ATVs and UTVs...period!

TigerTail is the only quality ATV and UTV retractable tow rope available today! Superior to a tow strap and wicked fast compared to any electric winch. The retractable design allows for quick, easy, and clean use for towing or as an anchor-line during poor underfoot winch operations. The best of two systems!

  • Includes 12 feet of 12,000 lb average breaking strength rope with wear resistant coating
  • Self locking hook storage
  • 3/16” grade 50 steel construction
  • Fully sealed and lubricated mechanism tested to 14,000+ cycles
  • Shot blasted and powder-coated black for supreme durability
  • Convenient operation and easy to use
  • Quality built and dependable performance
  • Rugged design for the toughest environments – no electrical parts to burn up
  • Constant tension
  • Keeps your gear clean – no more dirty tow straps to carry
  • 100% serviceable components
  • Fully integrates to your ATV or UTV – never left behind
  • Patented

  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Length x Width x Height: 10” x 6” x 8”
  • Rope Length: 12 feet with wear resistant coating
  • Average Rope Break Strength: 12,000 lbs
Please let me know if anyone has experience with it.


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Used it for the first time this weekend. It did a good job and worked as advertised. Nice to just pull it out attach and best of all just allow the spring to pull it back and no muddy rope to deal with. No fumbling around to find the rope, tree saver ... and not worrying about the pulled vehicle running over the rope was nice. You can get a discount if you call and I did. The price is a bit high in my opinion but it does get the job done nicely. I was worried about the location dragging but that did not happen. There may be room to relocate it behind the receiver but for now, it is OK where it is. I would like to do some rock crawling to see it that presents a problem but the worst-case just pull it out of the receiver.
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