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Hello everyone,,
Let's hope but the pioneer 1000-5 has been suffering overheating and engagement issues. Usually due to user error like the RZR except it's a lot more expensive. These bikes are coming with a lot of power so people think that can do stuff in high range they have no business doing like running deep sand, mud, or hill climbs. A Polaris burns up a belt and $100 and 10 minutes later they're back at it. You nuke a transmission in the trail and it's a long tow and expensive repair. I really hope they get it worked out but I don't think it's going to be user proof enough to be a contender. I hope to stand corrected because I've been watching the pioneer 1000-5 pretty close. It's about the only adventures type UTV with 4 seats and turf mode. It's between that or the wolverine x4 but no turf mode so I need an extra set of tires for around the property.
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