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Never intended to insult you but you had asked for an offer a gentleman would have countered.
My fault posting my offer I had thought it went to a private message and didn't intend to turn it
into a EBay event.
I have purchased a number of sets of take-offs and have yet sold a complete set to anyone but
rather singles here and there. X wheels are less desirable than the R wheels. I sell 4 front wheels
to 1 rear tire. I've sold quite a number of units here and as well to dealerships and private individuals.
I wish you luck in selling and might suggest trying to sell the fronts as spares which work well with the
factory UTV mount. I do have a stock of OEM rear tires and wheels for interested parties. Again Ticster
no insults intended or implied here.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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