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Talon A-arm Bushing Install and Removal Tool

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Makes Changing Your Bushings Easy
We hated changing the A-arm bushings on the Honda Talon so much that we made a brand new tool to make it easier. Our Honda Talon A-arm Bushing Install and Removal Tool fits right over your bushings and makes them easy to press in or push out without destroying them. Finally, you can service or replace your bushings without buying all new A-arms!

Built for Constant Use
This tool is made with zinc-plated, heavy-duty steel so that you can use it again and again. It won’t gall up and crap out after changing just one set. Change the bushings on your next Talon, change your buddy’s bushings, and make a few bucks changing everybody’s bushings at the ride park. It’s built to be used.

  • Fits over stock bushings to make pushing them out easy
  • Made of zinc-plated, heavy-duty steel
  • Perfect for upgrading to Honda Talon UHMW Bushings
Link: Bushing Install and Removal Tool

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