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Talon 2-seater roof rack

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FYI in case anybody is wondering. I devised a way to use a standard generic roof rack for the 2022 1000R 2 seater. The whole thing cost about $200 for essentials or about $250 total with the optional powered coating. It's all done with tools and hardware, no welding necessary. The key was to make cross bars first. So now I have the flexibly to use the roof rack or mount things directly as needed. It's useful to carry my spare tire, folding chairs and occasional dry boxes to free up back bed space.

I did this as follows:
  1. Bought 2 pieces of 48" Schedule 40 Pipe at Home Depot
  2. Had the pipes powder coated blank crinkle
  3. Got longer bolts to go directly into the existing four roof mount points
  4. Got four Tube Clamp Brackets on Amazon
  5. Got four Round Plastic Hole Plugs on Amazon
  6. Got a stack of fender washers to act as vertical spacers (necessary to clear the angled roof lines)
  7. Cut, mounted and plugged the cross bars which alone is useful
  8. Used black silicon tape to wrap the stacked washers just to look better
  9. Got one of many choices of Car Roof Basket on Amazon
  10. Fasten the basket when I need it or remove it when not
Hope this helps other 2-seater owners.

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Looks nice as long as you don’t go under anything hanging low..
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nice fab work - looks awesome!!!!

for those on a budget, that cringe paint comes in rattle can, tough as nails
You can get one from harbor freight for about $69. I've had mine for 2 years now and have been very pleased.
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