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Talon 1000R review- SXSBlog

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So reviews are starting to come out from some powersports blogs that just got to put the Talon 1000 through its paces. They absolutely loved the transmission and think that Honda did a spectacular job designing these machines. "Next level fun. Let's get out and ride. Don't worry about going super duper fast and blowing belts or anything. Lets just worry about having a good time. Being controlled and able to drive the machine the best that you can. Just hop in it and rip."
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Its so great to hear so many positive things being said about the Talon and I can't wait to get some deep dives into the performance. These guys drove it like they stole it, which is exactly what I want to see in a review.
We all knew that Honda was going to deliver with the Talon and its great to see this kind of support right off the bat. Im hoping that Honda's decision to go beltless forces competitors to follow suit. This was a much needed revision.
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