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Running tough 10-ply GBC Terra Master tires. I normally run at 12-15 psi, but seeing I was going to be in a lot of sand I set them to 10 psi. Thing is, I set them during the heat of the day, ~100 degrees. We did a sunrise ride out in the desert (Rasor BLM Open Area/Afton Canyon, East of Barstow, CA). In the high desert, the nights can get surprisingly cool. We were running down a big beautiful sand canyon that has a bunch of S turns (my favorite desert ride, anywhere!). Trouble is, there are a few rocks embedded in the sand. Well I wacked one, pinched the bead, and cut it. We checked the pressure on the other tires, and they were at only 7 psi. So, apparently the drop in temperature lowered the tire pressure to where is wasn't adequate anymore. I did have a spare. Expensive lesson!

One note, if you are in soft conditions and have to change a tire, just block up the frame and then dig the tire out. Works a lot better than trying to use a jack.

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