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I wanted to replace my tender springs but wasn’t sure what to go with,
I found the info that said the stock lower spring rate is 350 Lb/in
so I took one of the back shocks apart to remove the tender spring and set the stop at the bottom spring,
I then put it back on the 2020 Talon X 2 seat none live valve
I measured the squat of the shock
1.5” = 525 Lb corner weight ( of the shock )

27.5” center to center bolts of the shock in the air
24.75” center to center bolts of the shock with tires on the ground
= 2.75 squat st

1 “. Preload on stock springs
7 “ of travel on the struts
3/8 travel of both springs before tender springs bottom out
4” to top of thread stock
350 spring bottom
1.5 drop = 525

to calculate duel spring compression rate
Add both springs together ( that you want to use- I used a 225 Lb/in spring to replace my tender spring)


Then multiply both together

Then divide both to get your combined spring rate
78750•/•575=137 lb/in

then divide your corner weight by the combined spring rate to get your squat
525•/•137 =3.8 in compression

I used a 8” long spring combined with the length of bottom spring =
24.25”free. 21.25 set( one inch preload)
Which =‘s 3” of preload
And gives me about 2” of squat
( the math works but I’m not sure why I’m off an inch from my calculations,
I assume the stock spring might be a little lighter than 350 which would change my numbers,
The springs I bought came with a spec sheet)

Put tender stop at 1 inch from top of spring to bottom of stops
25.25” center to center bolts with tires on ground

Long story short they work great,
I don’t have any plans at the moment to do the fronts yet,
They haven’t bottomed out and I haven’t had any issues with side roll
Which was a concern because I have a heavy foot and like tight turns

I made a jig to put in the shop press to put them together and take them apart which works great,
I don’t think I could have done it without it seeing I had to compress the springs so far to get the clips in


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I was trying to soften the ride mostly for going over wash board ripples in the sand,
Which it greatly helped with,
I haven’t had any issues with bottoming out,
It also helps to keep the back end from launching over jumps

2019 Honda Talon 1000R
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I, personally, have never in my life seen so many complaints on suspension for an off-road vehicle for as long as I have been riding. Nor have I ever had an off-road vehicle that has been so harsh or needed so much work and freaking cash to make it nice riding machine than the Honda talon, (X or R), thousands of complaints and neither Honda or fox would address. And the ones who post this s*&@ about, "it has to pass a blah-blah rollover blah-blah!" Bullcrap! There are plenty of machines on the trails that no one has ever had to change shocks on, EVER. Anyone notice that fox now has shocks with rebound and hi low full dampening now? Specifically for the R. Elka has some too, I'll be spending my hard damn earned money on the elkas, my arctic cat came with these on and they worked soooo good! Fox and Honda can have these qs3 junk back...thanks. I could have bragged about my R more if it didnt hammer my ass so bad in suspension.(Elkas are also around $500 less for the set) been riding since I was 12 years old, dirt bikes, ATV, sxs, never had to fix the suspension to make it better....few years have passed....50 now.
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