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Received my Talon R back in early march. Finally got it trail ready and completed my first real ride over the holiday weekend! Anyone on the fence about these units, jump on over! They're fantastic!
Conrats on the purchase. I almost pulled the trigger on a red R it matches my truck but went with a blue X due to my intended use. By the way I really like the wheel and tire setup you are running.
What wheel and tire set up are you running, I have 2,000 and need to make wheel and tire change, not easy decision. Thinking 30 inch tires, its the rims and spacers? off set that is best. Racers seem to only going 1.5 inches rear spacers, and many get Can Am, vs. Honda spacers and lug nuts have different threads on CanAm and Honda. People seem to like 32 inch tiers but they rub the wheel wells and slow down the speed? I wish there was more help with the tire and wheel issues... Thanks Pilotom, San Diego
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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