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My wife and I along with another couple flew over to Scottsdale from our home in WA for a weekend get away and to go to the show. I was pleasantly surprised at how many vendors and other activities were there! We had a great time and picked up a lot of goodies at show prices! Some amazing UTVs and other off road machines there! Honda was there with their Talon i4WD roller ramp display going on right outside the entrance all day. I found myself feeling sorry for the poor kid they had driving up and down that roller ramp all day long, only to discover the “kid” was actually an older Honda Corp. rep probably 60+ years old. During one of his few breaks I got a chance to talk to him and when I told him I’d called multiple Honda dealership service departments around the country and none could tell me where the Talon ECU was located he said hang on, grabbed his cell phone, called one of the Talon Engineers on a Saturday afternoon and got me the answer immediately! I really appreciated that! BTW, the ECU is under the driver’s seat!
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