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REVIEW: RBP Wheels and 32" Milestar Patagonia SXT tires take on KOH Johnson Valley California

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I had a chance to test out my new wheels and tires in Johnson Valley California at the King of the hammers event in February.
I planed on using my 2019 Talon 1000R as a pre runner. I race a Ultra4 Jeep and needed something to run the corse in and not beat up my race rig.

This would be my first trip in the Talon so I did a few extra upgrades.
Warn 4500lb winch and mount.
HD Tie rods
Frame stiffener front
Dual Battery in the front
Rugged radio with intercom system
Switch panel
LED light on the front
Rear facing strobe-brake light LED
Rear cargo extension and cargo bag
Fire Extinguisher
Storage pouches
Fuel Storage
PRP Seat Belts
Dynojet Tuner with launch control
Dome light

With the amount of dust that was out there the windshield really sucked. the dust would stick to the inside of the windshield and we ended up taking it off. An afterthought is that the plastic windshield had some static charge from when I removed the protective cover. I think if I would have cleaned it really good with windex before I installed it I may have had better luck with it.

The big upgrades are the wheels and tires. I wanted something that would give me more ground clearance and handle the abuse in the rock trails.
I reached out to Martin Castro at Tire-co SXT TIRE and he recommended the Milestar Patagonia SXT. The SXT is designed from the ground up to be a UTV tire. I went with the 32x10.00R15
Tire Automotive tire Tread Auto part Wheel
Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Bumper

Martin recommended I speak with Henry Velasquez at RBP (Rolling Big Power) RBP EMAIL.
RBP has a new line of UTV wheels. He recommended that I go with the 50R Cobra wheels in 4+4 on the rear and 5+3 on the front.
Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Tire Auto part
Tire Automotive tire Auto part Wheel Rim
Tire Auto part Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel
Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Auto part Automotive exterior

The wheels and tires fit great and had plenty of clearance inside the wheel and to the body work. No matter how much I flexed it out on the trail there was no contact to the body or rubbing.
The stance really upgraded the look of the machine compared to stock.
I ran it on GPS and found the speedo to be about 3 MPH slow. I don't know if there is a way to adjust the speedometer for tire size but its not really that big of a deal.
Power and top speed seemed to be about the same but I didn't really have much time in the machine with the stock tires and tune so its not a true comparison.
With the beadlock wheels I was able to run lower tire pressures. I ran 16 psi most of the time but could have gone down lower. There was a good mix of high speed desert, rock trails and sand hills. The tires did excellent in all conditions set at 16 psi. If I was running just rocks or sand hills I would run a lower pressure but overall they did just fine.

We had a great time. The machine ran flawless and seemed to get better fuel mileage than I expected. I never got to calculate it but was getting at least 100 miles per tank.

There were two issues that I want to correct at some point. One is the shocks. They did great for the most part but after 40 miles in the desert running hard they started to fade. The second would be the throttle response. While driving at lighter throttle trying to maintain a steady pace the throttle was very "choppy". No matter how steady I tried to hold the pedal it would chop with every bump and was annoying. I am hoping I can go into the tuning and tweak the throttle map to be less aggressive and dampen out some of the throttle chop. I did speak with the Honda reps at KOH and they said they have heard of others complaining about it but didn't offer and help.

I did play with the added DynoJet Launch mode a few times. Its fun when you are in the sand but I am worried if there was good traction it would be hard on parts. Its more of a show off option to impress your friends.

Overall the 1000R really impressed me. I plan on adding a few more upgrades and a cage but for now I will rock it on the Alabama trails and see how she does.



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Hi RMPExtreme, Nice setup, I agree with your comment on the launch control. I have the same tuner and did not even have that feature activated for the same reasons you did. Mostly show off and what fun is it if you break something? Heavy duty ball joints are a real plus. Let me know if you overcome the wilndshield problems. I wouldn't mind one but have not installed one for the same reasons plus in the mud you have to clean them a lot. The best combinations I have seen look like the ones that fold partially out of the way. Keep providing feedback please.
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