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I recently ordered a set of roof bags from PRP Seats. These two compartment bags fit against the underside of the roof above the driver and passenger sides, and attach via 2” wide Velcro straps on the front/rear/side roll bars. They are good quality and make a great place to store light things like gloves, caps, phones,maps etc that you want quick access to.
When I recieved my set there was an issue with some stitching on one of the bags. I immediately sent PRP an email with pics of the issue, and followed up with a phone call. The representative pulled up the email pic while we were talking and without hesitation offered to send a new pair of bags to me. I told him I only needed the the drivers side but he said they ship in pairs so he’d send both sides. He said no need to send back the defective bags and suggested we fix or have someone fix the stitching so we could use them if we wanted. I had a pair of new bags in a few days!
It’s not often you get that kind of customer service these days, and I really appreciated their willingness to make it right without question!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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