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So after reviewing feedback on this site, and others here is what I have in the works:

McNasty Customz-
Lower doors, installed this week - look great
Suspension brace/rear boot guard, will install today
Rear hitch mount - will install today

Bandit upper tender springs - should be here today.
Schmidty racing shock caps with valves - will install while doing springs
HMF Front Bumper - on order
Rockblox fender flares - on order
Mud guard set, firewall, and back of talon - on order

Will order sooner or later when I build up some more cash:
Split Windshield
Side bars
Full skid plate
Front A-Arm guards
Door bags
Middle console bag
Some kind of rear enclosure gate
LED lights for bumper, or light bar

I'll continue to update as the build continues.

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The hitch plate and suspension braces are installed, the Bandit tender springs are installed. I also got a Super ATV 1/2" full belly skid plate and put that on yesterday. It was a pretty easy install, and it lined up to the holes a lot better than ones I have put on in the past. I haven't taken it on a ride yet, and it's so nice to install stuff when its clean! But I'm itching to take it out for a ride soon.

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Yea, kind of a lot. Honestly I've been on another forum that has a lot of Talon owners on it and I've gotten a lot from them. But here is what I have done.
If your going to install a winch, Honda has done us a solid by running wires from the battery to under the hood, or cowling behind the hood. They are warped in blue tape. Also under there is an accessory plug. I bought the XTC keyed busbar kit that makes it easy to use both the wires, and the plug. I added a HMF bumper, a KFI 5,000 Lbs winch, the HMF bumper has a winch plate on it already. You have to "hang" the winch, in other words it mounts to the bottom of the plate not the top. I mounted the winch solenoid under the cowling behind the hood, where the winch wires and the accessory plug are at. The wire that is under the hood is NOT connected to the battery, but its up behind the battery warped in blue tape. I had to take the battery out to get to it.
I also added two LED lights to the bumper. The bumper has holes on it to mount lights, so it's a nice set up. To power the LED lights I ran wires from the XTC busbar to a relay, I ran the trigger wire (86) from the relay to the stock headlights plug mounted under the hood on the upper right if your facing it. The middle wire is the bright lights wire, so I pushed the relay wire into the plug and closed it up. I've done this on several ATV's and SXS, its an easy way to run your LED lights without adding another switch. And if you use a relay, they are powered by the accessory power, and not the head lights.
I put the SuperATV split windshield on. Also added the Rockblox fender flares.
For side bars I went with AED Offroad, I'm picking them up next week
I put Honda front A-arm guards, and trailing arm guards on. Pretty solid
I did order Honda center bag and 2 roof bags, should have them in a few days
Added a rear view mirror.
I put a 27 gallon tote in the bed, and took the stock bolts out and replaced them with longer ones to hold the tote in. I cut some piece of wood to put in the gaps for a tighter fit.
As for the rear gate/enclosure, I haven't found one I have liked, so I'm making one out of wood and then taking it to a buddy of mine who does steel fabrication to see if he can make one for me.
I bought a switch plate that goes in place of the blank next to the headlight switch on Honda SXS forum. It makes it easy to plug the winch rocker switch in there.

Hoping to get on a ride in February!
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