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The two times I was out riding I noticed a strong growling type noise emitting from the front gear when I engage the 4wd. It occurs when I'm going down hill with the throttle backed off and the noise is much softer when I'm on a flat plane. In addition I can even feel a vibration when the growling noise is most audible. I first noticed this when I was on a dry gravel road going down a slight decline and about ready to cross a creek that was muddy on both sides. When I was in the slippery mud and water the noise was not noticeable to me.

So has anyone else noticed this issue? I have all the other gear noises that has been mentioned but nothing has been said about 4wd noise. What I hope it is normal on dry land due to the front wheels turning at a different ratio as the rear wheels similar to some 4wd trucks. I'm just trying to determine if I have a mechanical issue or not,,,I have 3 years of warranty so the deal is covered. Thanks
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