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we went out riding and yes i got it wet, some water in gas tank as well as engine, pulled plugs cleared it out, bike started ran for 1 min and died then we found water in fuel sucked it dry, dried out with towels, new fuel added and oil changed a lot, all clear now so now we have no start cranking all day but will not fire

replace fuel pump and injectors
tried new ecm
tech who has it thinks it the crank shaft position sensor which is part of the stator i have now. I have bought three new stator/ csps and all have been "bad" not getting the minimum reading of .7volts to start. The first one was .6 one was .4 last one was .2
The tech also tore head off and checked for internal issues up top and nothing found all back together and timed correctly

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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