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New (To Me) Talon Owner

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I recently purchased a Used 2021 Talon R with just over 600mi on it. Its in my shop getting a Long list of upgrades.
The picture is from the previous owner.

ABF Chromoly Cage with Roof and Glass Windshield
Full 5 point Harness - Front and Rear Bumpers w/Hitch - 4500lb Warn Winch
2 Front and 1 Rear LED lightbars with Backup Lights, Turn Signals and Running/Brakelights, Front LED Pods
and a Dome Light - DEI Heat Shields - Lower Door Fillers - LED Whips - 2nd Battery with Dual Voltage Readout
USB Dual Charging Port - Street Legal Kit - Shifter Knob and Plate - High Clearance Lower A-Arms, High-er Clearance Radius Rods and Double Shear Brackets and Beefed up Front Bumper Mounts from Wehrli. Probably a few more that I'm forgetting.

Oh Ya and I will be giving it the full Shock Therapy treatment with front limit straps.

Wheels and Tires Seats and Intercom with Radio coming later.

I will have the old parts from the car For Sale when I get done, Bumper, Cage, Roof, Light Bar, Bluetooth Speaker and Sub woofer.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Sneek peak at the front bumper winch and light bar.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Automotive design
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