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Hello Talon community!

I purchased a 2020 Talon X4 Live Valve and I love it. First things first I was able to pay $22.3k OTD plus $1000 for 5 year warranty. I did lots of research prior and lots of research in my accessory choices and wanted to share my experience with others in the same boat. A little background about my passion in motorsports. I purchased my first side by side December of 2019, I still own my 2016 YXZ. Before that I've done lots of dirt bike riding and atvs pretty much my whole life. I also have always been a car person and owned multiple cars and currently still own a 2010 BMW 335i with a custom big turbo kit and an Acura Integra GSR with a built motor that revs to 9250rpm and makes 217whp from a 1.8L n/a. I wanted a YXZ for about 2 1/2 years before I actually bought it. I managed to pick it up for $9000 and have put on 2200 miles off road in a matter of 6 months. The Yamaha has been excellent and nearly bulletproof; a couple clutches, axle, and tie rod due to tree on the trail. The YXZ was a breeze to learn on and absolutely exhilarating to drive but it does have its limitations. In Florida summer, there's water and mud everywhere we ride and being limited to only 2 seats after 6 months of ownership lead me into the direction of the Honda.

I sold my C6 corvette in order to buy my Honda Talon. The whole car thing is just not as fun and not nearly as easy to work on as the buggies. The more off roading I did the less I cared about cars. Cars are much harder and tidier to work on, and without a lift makes it a pain. I rarely even use a jack when working on my UTV's. Track day admissions are pricey $350/day and Autocross ($75/day) you spend the whole day waiting to maybe get 10 laps in. Fortunately I live close to farms and I can tear up the fields for free and have all the driving and drifting fun I want without worrying about getting a speeding or reckless driving ticket.

The Honda is fun, almost as fast as the Yamaha but much smoother and easier to drive. It is a great all around machine and great cruiser. Being into Honda's and stick shift car my whole life, I could not see myself buying a Can Am x3. The DCT was the next best thing to stick shift and now my girlfriend and disabled brother could drive it unlike my YXZ. The DCT, and id be the first one to admit it, outdrives any human. It knows where to be and as soon as you hit the pedal it appropriately downshifts. I thought id end up using manual mode more often but the character of the Honda twin in combination with the 6 speeds make it hard to shift right on time. This engine is not as high revving as the Yamaha and its hard to hear when its nearing the redline and the 6 speeds are very short ratio. I typically will let it upshift for me and the majority of the paddle shifting I do is when I want to throw downshifts or upshifting early while cruising. Performance wise the Honda is fun although I see pictures of 2 seat Talon always flipped and both my friend with identical machines as mine have both flipped theirs. The Talon definitely feels much tippier than what im used to and because of it I don't push it nearly as hard as I can my YXZ. Its also a brand new machine and im terrified to damage it. However the roll cage quality is outstanding and for my 2 buddies its nice because only the rear section of the cage got damaged. Its a 3 part cage in the 4 seaters. The only issues ive had with my talon is the a branch dent my radiator neck where the hose clamps onto and it also damaged the front diff speed sensor. The radiator was easy to change and costs $170 and the sensor was $30 and one 10mm bolt to quickly change in 2 minutes. However when that sensor broke I did have to limp at 15mph home with the i4wd lights and it did not allow shifts out of first gear.

I have learned to read and research accessories prior to buying and always try to get the best prices I can. has the best prices on anything OEM. currently they don't have diagrams for the talon but I sue partzilla to locate the part numbers and find them on cycle parts nation for cheaper. So far I am close to done with accessories and am happy with my outcome. Here is a list of parts I recommend for anyones Honda Talon from a price and quality perspective.

KFI winch plate and rear hitch plate (ebay it was like $80 and $60)
Badland harbor freight 5000lb UTV winch $200 (might not be the best but always in stock and can always return and exchange locally. they usually always have 20% off coupons too)
SSV Work OEM radio $550
Noam Audio N5 speakers $200 for rear with SSV works speaker output harness $20 to avoid splicing the original radio's harness (had to call SSV and ask for it)
Harbor freight Road shock Spot Lights and wiring harness (about $75-80 total ) plus a switch that fit my switch panel ($13)
Bosman Designs extended light mounts ($50)
Oem Honda center storage bag in between rear seats ($55 ebay)
EMP underhood storage $115 (amazing product)
XTC power products Switch plate (left of steering wheel), Horn, and 35amp play and play busbar setup.
I cant recommend XTC power products enough and I wish I bought their turn signal kit.
I am waiting to buy the SuperATV flip up windshield but my buddy has it and it is amazing.
Originally bought a tusk Velcro half windshield for $88 and it worked well but half windshields are never as good when they get dirty and if you ride at night I sold it on offerup for $80
My switch plate has my horn switch, winch, and spot light switch and I really love the look and don't think I need any other switches than that.
I did buy a $46 rear view mirror that worked great but in just a few weeks its already cracked. Siezmik makes one for $150 that integrates a domelight and has lifetime warranty which I may consider in the future. For the meantime I will be purchasing a $10 battery power domelight at harbor freight to copy what my brother zip tied to his roll bar.

Other than that I did buy some Method "Bead Grip" wheels 15x7 5+2 offset and Kanati Mongrels 30-10-15 for about $1350 on ebay from an amazing seller that stocks many combination of wheels and tires and ships them mounted with a set of lug nuts included. They are TraxxMotorsports on ebay and I highly recommend them. Unfortunately I did not research off sets enough and the front is wide than my rear. This makes it fling more mud inside the cabin and the taller wheels do feel a little more tippier than factory. The transmission also takes a few miles to relearn the shift points on the taller tires. The ideal offset is 6+1 in the front and 4+3 in the rear. Method does not offer 15 inch wheels in that offset but other companies do. Ive never been a fan of wheel spacers and don't know enough to even recommend it. I did howver read onecomment from a ATV races that they used to run wider tracks in the front in order to give better turn in response, that was a racing secret. again not sure if its true but it is something I read.

Overall im happy with my machine and what ive been able to do so far. Check these companies and products out when looking to accessorize you machine. Ive also looked into lower doors for my buddy (I personally like the half door design and look) and found trail armor to make inexpensive lower doors appear to have a nice install and for more money they offer them in clear which looks really sleek.

As for the question I always see to buy LIVE VALVE OR NOT....
I feel it handles better and make adjustments on the fly. I cant imagine a better system than this. Many people complain about the stiffness in the rear of their talon and honestly I love the ride as is. It rides like a Cadillac compared to my YXZ on the same terrain. Now my brother and I discovered this one day, weigh down your talon with 4 people while the machine is off and then just turn the key. You will hear 2 clicks after the key is turned and you will actually feel the machine drop a couple inches. It feels like range rover when you adjust the suspension up and down. Its a simple test and it proves how much adjustment the live valve is actually doing.

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For the fix to the swaying problem talons have check out double E Racings sway bar for the talon. It’s amazing! It is absolutely the best accessory I put on my machine. Call and talk to them he will explain everything.

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Highly grateful for ur novel :) good info!!

I have a 2021 X4

I highly recommend the Siezmik review mirrors As well as the lighted side mirrors .they have a no bullshit super great lifetime warranty. I bought the one with battery lights had an issue with it they replaced in short order with no hassle.

I would also highly recommend
TurnPro UTV Signal Kits plug and play Honda turn signal kit. East pretty quick install

Custom half windshield

2 roll bar mounted for extinguishers.

now the wants…

warhead off-road upper cage and intrusion bars, tree kickers and front a rear bumpers.

Lower doors with open/close able vents

Auxbeam bus bar

honda viper 4500# wench

Atlas high clearance radius rods on order… they’re super sweet.

5051 lighted whips and rock lights

Rear chase light on order

Kraftwerks dual center dump exhaust
hopefully can integrate the electric shocker exhaust valve .

tires n rims

thinks about some kinda wrap

an the list goes on an on it’s crazy what some of it cost but weekend warriors do it a bit hear n there. Unless someone wants to sponsors me :) lol the family has a pretty good time riding together and getting into racing it here an there like the red bull series type stuff. Anywho happy trails and god bless good luck an enjoy !!
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