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picked up a 2019 machine on the other side of the state. Since it was a previous year model, it was discounted over $3900 from new so I pulled the trigger. Sold my '13 CanAm Commander to my nephew. I haven't been able to do ANY riding yet because of weather and other things but so excited it's killing me. I've had CanAm's for 20 years so this is a big change and keeping fingers crossed it was a good choice. I wanted to get away from the rubber bands and maintenance hassles. My 13 Comander was made in Mexico and my 09 outlander was made in Canada and I could tell the difference in quality. I've already made some changes because of what I read on the forum. Blocked the big hole on front firewall with a piece of rubber, added the CA shift gate, and insulated the beer, oh I mean, cup holders.
I've found one plastic rivet not fully installed and coolant hose retainer that wasn't closed so I hope this isn't indicative of the forthcoming quality issues.

Does someone have a pattern for the lower door that they would be willing to share? I want to make my own out of diamond plate aluminum. $170 for these lower door pieces of plastic from Honda is outrageous.

All of the other accessories from the dealer are Covid delayed so can't work on much else....
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