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I went into the dealer today to purchase a Maverick X. After seeing the Talon and doing some additional research, I went with the Talon R. It was a build the shop had done and I loved everything. Custom cage ( to allow fit into my toyhauler that has a Happy Jack bed) with spare tire holder, shock therapy springs and shocks, 32 inch tires and rims and a number of other mods to be done. I traded a 2007 Ranger Crew that was awesome, a 2015 Teryx4LE that had served me well ( built like a tank) and a 2008 Honda Rincon. Decided to clean up the garage and really needed something that would fit in the toyhauler (no go on the Crew and Teryx). I am really looking forward to the new machine. I am not an impulse buyer and had researched the machine over the last few weeks. The Maverick is a terrific machine and it would have fit no problem. But once I saw the Talon and the custom cage, I immediately changed my mind. It is funny because I am not an impulse buyer, with only 2 exceptions including today. I have to admit that I was attracted to the Honda build quality and engineering and the engine and transmission on this machine. I am not a super aggressive rider but do have alot ( and I mean alot) of experience on quads, UTVs and motorcycles. Really looking forward to picking it up tomorrow and getting a few more mods in the next couple of weeks. As you can see, I keep my machines a while and hope it serves me well. Will keep folks on this forum posted.
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