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I've been in the background for months reading all the different aspects of the Talon. Pulled the trigger about 3 weeks ago. We ride in the west a lot (MT, WY, ID, CO, AZ as well as WV), about 6 months of traveling and riding last year. We have a Maverick trail as well and thought with the grand kids and friends this would be a good addition. Now the bleeding from my wallet has started. The following is the list of installs so far.
32" tires
side mirrors
front and back windshield
lower doors
spare tire carrier
front bumper
rear cargo rack
GPS mount
modified mud flap on the fire wall
spare battery box on order
mud flaps
I'm getting ready to start on a rack for the top as well. Keep all the knowledge coming.
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Welcome to the group. I know everyone would love to see pictures. Always amazes me as to all the different styles of riding and build everyone does. Such a versatile machine. I think here in TX it is close to if not already the most raced machine for Short Course. I think the Honda Talon won a couple Championships here in TX in 2020.
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Welcome and do sent a picture of your ride and the places you like to visit. Glad to have you. Ride safe and have fun.
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