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Hello from Newton, WI - about 35 minutes south of Green Bay. I’m 66 and upgrading from my trusty Honda ATC 110. I’m impatiently waiting to order up a 2022 Talon 1000X Live Valve, but still no info from Honda. In the mean time I’ve been working on an accessory list.
  • Super ATV low profile fender flares
  • HMF HD bumper with EXO bars. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel that most of the higher bumpers will fold in and damage body work if it is actually put to the test. The EXO bars “should” help.
  • HMF rear bumper with 2” receiver
  • HMF mud and heat guards
  • Tusk outside mirrors that mount to cage bolts.
  • PRP 4 or 5 point harness
  • Spike tinted lower doors
  • UTV Zilla Glass windshield. Looks like great venting and will work with the EXO Bars
  • Tusk scratch resistant rear window
  • Warn Axon 45-S winch
  • Maybe WCFab tree kickers. I need to experience the WI trails to determine if I need them.
  • Still looking at storage options but really love that custom diamond plate one that Rob8799 posted.
Since I’m a new to the SXS world, any thoughts on this list (or any other info) from you folks is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I’ll have something my summer!

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Welcome @dstuckmann

Thank you for joining the forums and introducing yourself, we are always happy to see new members join in.

This is a great place to talk about project ideas and get thoughts from other members.

We would love to see some photos when you get a chance!
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