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New Honda Talon video

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Just came across this awesome video that covers some of the key ways Honda has set to distinguish the Talon from other sport side by sides. This also marks one of the best in action videos we've seen of the Talon as it cuts its way into corners and works its way in and out of whoops.
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This is the exact kind of footage that I have been waiting to see and I hope there is more to come. Would like to see the two models run the same trail so we can get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each. Looks like a blast to throw sideways in and out of turns.
Surprised that there are no comments whatsoever on the video. Guess its been buried underneath everything else they've been uploading. Handling is probably the one main area where the Talon will come out ahead of segment leading rivals. Turning radius will likely differ between the two because of their difference in track width.
I realized from my experience in the community that most people don't care much for the online aspect.
Instead they're after the experience and thus stay mostly offline till questions and concerns have to be addressed.
There is no substitution for hands on experience, but early previews could give us an insight into any possible shortcomings with the Talon, as well as which model is more ideal for our needs. Its not looking like there will be many of these to come by at dealers.
We never know how a vehicle performs and there's a limit on what can be talked about in these video formats and just about all formats outside of the dialogue that comes with real experience. Look at any side by side forum and compare that to everything else you can learn from.
Since its only about a month or so until these start arriving at dealers, I'm hoping we will start seeing some first drives and impression videos shortly. This marketing material gives us no indication of how the Talon stacks up to the segment leaders, and specs only account for so much.
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