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Just wanted to say hello all and thanks for having me. I'm Jeff from Vegas. 24 year Audi/VW master tech. Started my own business a few years back. Had it for 2 months and was bought out by a company called Opus IVS who I currently work for 😅.

Been riding liter bikes for the last 19 years. I was getting gas in the truck a few months ago and there was a guy beside me at the gas pump filling up a turbo side by side. I asked him "hey buddy wasn't worth it" the guy turns around looks at me and says "it was the best money he ever spent and he and the wife are out every weekend exploring the desert".

Wife won't and can't ride on the bike so, fuck it. Knowing of issues in the others and hearing how these things fall apart out here. I came across the Talon. Being in the car business for so long Honda is reliable and they have a good reputation. I was sold on Honda. Narrowed it down to the 1000r. Well couldn't find 1. Dealer in town had a Live Valve. But I didn't want to spend an extra $2,000 on suspension that could potentially break.

A month later bought the LV only cause I ***** them down $500.

So far I only have 11 miles on it. I don't have a way to haul it around yet. Need to find a trailer I like. But where I live I can take it out a little bit. My impressions are it's pretty cool I wish it had more top and power but the low/midrange range and torque are great.

I'm thinking for mods I am going to do a full exhaust system. I just built my own intake for it which turned out awesome. I'll do every possible bolt on I can and I think I'm going to put an NX wet nitrous kit on it with a 25 or 35 shot.


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