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First and foremost, we want to thank anyone that came out to the event to make it one of the most epic in recent memory! We genuinely appreciate all the love and look forward to next year being even bigger and better!

We launched close to 30 new products at the show and many more to follow throughout the rest of the year! Take a look at the link below to see all of the new products loaded to our site!

New Products Launched at Sand Sport (Click Here)

For the Talon we have a new things in the works but a couple of the items we get the most questions about are the Shifter gate and front bumper! You may already know we have radius rods and tie rods, rear sway bar links as well. There is much more coming but for now check these items out!

The bumper has space for light pods and comes with a skid, logo plate and fairlead cover plate.
Wheel Tire Hood Automotive tire Automotive design

Rectangle Automotive exterior Bumper Electronic device Auto part

H2R (High to reverse) / L2R (Low to reverse) Shifter Gate // Neutral is in the middle
Arm Sleeve Font Automotive exterior Auto part

Data transfer cable Input device Automotive lighting Watch Usb cable

Make sure to use your forum discount code! 👌 Use code: TSXSF to save 15% site wide.
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