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Scotty, does the high spare tire mount affect tip at trail speeds? Did you crank up springs to help with roll for that high weight? Just wondering
Interesting, but the weight of the spare and mount, took out most of harsh part of the stroke, in the first few inches of travel. I did crank it down a little. The top of the spare tire is actually well below the roof line. Two benefits of the tire up there is it shades the back (Rain/sun) and makes it easy to stretch a cargo net. Keeps my drone case cooler in the shade. As far as suspension goes, I probably will replace the springs and valving now that Weller Racing has a real kit, based on over 1000 miles of testing!! After years of racing motocross and owning a YXZ, I have learned to stay FAR away from the shock junkies and machinist dude shops that just resell springs and valving based on shop bench results with fancy promotional videos.

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