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Made these today, I just ordered a new 1/2" skid plate because after 1200 miles the rear stock skid plate is now junk. I built a 1/16" aluminum plate and installed it over the broken skid and now it's dented bad. Like everyone we end up putting a lot of stuff on the rear so they sag.

The two cross bars the right motor mount is attached to were also bent. I straightened them out and I decided I needed more ground clearance and wanted to soften the shocks. I'm going to strengthen the cross members this winter. After I installed these risers it sits 16 inches high with the stock tires and the shocks in the stock adjustment. I'm going to soften the shocks and see what happens. I think once I install my Terrabite's it will have two or three inches more clearance than stock.

I have no idea what effect this will have on how it rides and handles. I did add another set of holes so I can lower the shock if needed.
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Here's how I straightened the crossmembers.
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