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We bought our 2019 talon in late October 2019. From day one it grinded and hammered into and out of gears in low range. When I took it for the first service I told them specifically what was going on and told them I thought the linkage had a problem. All gears were fine and engaged except low gear. It had 300 miles at the time because they had told me to get at least 300 miles before the first service instead of 120 miles. They were supposed to fix it. However when I got it back home it was still doing the same thing. Well now it has 1,200 miles and we officially TRASHED the low gears on the last trail of the day on the mountain right as we were getting to the top! I put it in high, went a little ways down the road, stopped, shifted into low, hit the gas and we went no where and all I heard was clank clank bang bang, just sounded like gear teeth and broken pieces making a terrible noise! Its still under warranty til October, and most places are backed up and can't get parts. I'm just hoping they'll fix this factory design flaw free of charge! If not, I may put her in high gear and drive it right into their showroom! I'm pretty pissed at my dealership and honda right now!
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