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Okay, so ive installed a Nilight 42” curved light bar on my Talon. Install is great but the dam thing is humming. I ordered a replacement light bar, same thing!
My wiring consists of:
new 10 gauge Hot wire from the battery to a fuseblock, 10 gauge ground back to the battery, from the fuseblock.
Harness has a 40 amp relay to a Nilight Rocker switch.

With a multimeter and key off, the fuse block shows 12.8 volts, the wiring at the light shows 11.8 (with the light on).
I’ve tried bypassing the relay, Ive tried grounding to the frame. I’ve ran directly to the battery. Nothing fixes this...

the weird thing is just for S&G i hooked the light bar directly to my M18 battery(which puts out 20.2 v) and ZERO HUM..

I’m sorta dumbfounded at this point... can anyone help??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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