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L & W or CA Tech radius arms

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Which do you like better and pros and cons of either?
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I went with the CA Tech because L&W had no Powder coated options at the time. I did not do the upper radius rods because the rear hubs have a single shear point and even with the Weller Racing hub bracket, I feel the increased stiffness of the aftermarket upper radius rods can increase the chance of hub failure. CA Tech was amazing to work with on the phone and answer questions.

One thing I did NOT like about CA Tech is that I also bought the torsion rod/adjusters and tow plate, and they sent me American (USA) sized bolts and nuts versus metric. Grrr! Besides the fact that torque setting can not be matched when you change thread pitch and diameter now customers will need to worry about American sized tools when everything else is metric.
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Scotty, those look great! In addition to giving you higher clearance, does it also change ride or performance? Did you do high lift on the front?

Second, I noticed your skid plate and trailing arm guards, they look beefy, what brand are they?
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I did not notice any change in the ride, and I'm running stock suspension, stock height, no high lifts on the front.

I went with Ricochet skid plates this time (see link below). I love the aluminum arms and rockers because it saves a ton of weight and makes my arms much stronger versus heavy plastic in those areas. I'm running the thick Ricochet UHMW on the belly. I had the Aluminum powder coated as " royal red" and flat black and it was a dead on match. I had Trail Amor and SuperATV stuff in the past on other machines and was not happy with it. So far the Ricochet guys saved me some cash and I feel it's a far better system. Live and learn, I guess.






Ricochet Link:
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Yeah the belly skid looked is. I did TrailArmor on the front a-arms, they were the thickest and I had them on my RZR 1000 with the high lift a-arms. I put them on trailing link, but had to modify to mount my RokBlokz deflectors. I am getting scrubbing on my skid plate and I am thinking I need thicker. I also got the RokBlokz mud flaps and they work great for water and mud. Keeps its out of the cab pretty well. The rear flaps make a great table for snack and beverage stops ?

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PS, I'm buying that shift gate. Last couple rides it was an issue, I really like the idea of not having to look and getting it right quickly and accurately.

Oh and so true on the hillbilly brake, easiest thing I have ever installed, works great too!
I can see those look like they block the mud. I was hoping Maier Plastics was going to make a single unit, carbon fiber wrap, wide mud flap like they did for the YXZ, but I may have to look at those RockBlokz...

Ya, funny about the HillBilly install. I heated up my shop for that? lol
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