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I got the production model X2 from KWT in July 2020 at 2,888 miles. I put a new filter in and I haven’t touched the filter or KWT until February 16, 2021 with 2,009 miles (4,897mi) In that time I had 2 oil services, and now due for another.

I ride in very dusty conditions. In the summer we rode Williams near the Grand Canyon and the Payson area of the Mongollon Rim. Fall and winter we rode the Lake Havasu, Oatman and Kingman regions. These areas went 9 months or more without rain, super dusty.

The KWT has no moving parts, no noisy fan and needs no electricity. Designed by aerospace engineer Ken Larson, the KWT uses precisely engineered tubes that cause the intake air to spin throwing the dirt particles to the sides. The particles fall into a dirt collection chamber at the base of the unit. The cleaned air then travels to the Honda plenum going through the OEM filter and then into the engine.

Keeping dirt away from your filter gives you longer filter life and protects your engine.

I ran the KWT version 1 on my Polaris RZR 1000 and initially on my 2020 Honda Talon R. I then tested the pre-production X2 for 1400 miles with great results. The X2 is a major advancement.

The beauty of pre-filters is they don’t get clogged with dust, unlike adding an additional filter. They don’t require any oiling or other care. Just check your air filter at regular service intervals and dump the dirt out of the dirt collection chamber.
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