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this looks like the keyed power connection energizes the relay and the relay contacts get power from the winch power wiring

from the instructions on the pct website for the talon for this part number, yes, the winch wires are part of the installation. the circuit if I am understanding it correctly shows the "winch" wiring, in short, the + from winch goes thru 35amp fuse, thru relay then to orange keyed aux out wire for + to accessories, the relay is turned on/off with the key on/off in the machine.

it does state to add any fused accessory to the orange wire, since this is a 35amp circuit - and accessories do not have large gauge wire, a fuse, and possibly relay/switch should be added to each accessory to turn on/off independent of the machine key on/off

the - ground is also from the winch wiring

hope this helps
21 - 24 of 24 Posts