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I thought I would offer up a quick review of the JEI Offroad Horizontal Spare tire carrier I purchased for my 4 seater live Valve.

these are only my own personal opinions of how my install went.

build quality is good. Did take me a bit to get it installed, my 2020 4 seater has a flag mount made into the roll cage it's placement interferes with the proper placement of the carrier. If the flag mount was gone everything appears to line up better.

After carefully looking at the picture on JEI website you can see the roll cage they have doesn't have the flag mount or they cut it off. Since the carrier come with no installation instructions it takes some time to get it to fit correctly and things to line up. I had to put the carrier mounts all the way to the end of the cage under the flag mount to get it to work otherwise it sat to tall and you couldn't get the tire mounted it would hit the roof. I thought of cutting off the flag mount but didn't want to mess up the powder coated cage.
By lowering the carriers lower cage mounts all the way down past the flag mount it does cause a bit of trouble with the alignment of the lower cage mounts they are just not welded to be at this angle.

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