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Yesterday I changed the oil on my Talon. I did the 12mm drain plug until it was empty.. then I did the 17mm until it was empty. I added 6.1 qt of oil as it calls for.
After about 30 minutes, I thought,I hope I did the right 17mm drain plug. I went out and looked and sure as shit, I did the sub trans, not the oil pan. I checked the oil in the sub and it was empty. So I filled it to the proper level.
So now I'm wondering, if I only did the clutch oil, how much oil did I leave in the oil pan? I assume it wouldn't drain with the clutch otherwise there wouldn't be 2 drain plugs. Even after running the engine. the oil is very clean (new). If I only drained the clutch (12mm) why is the crank case oil so clean?
My plan is to drain all the oil out and start fresh. I don't want to be over filled but this isn't making sense to me.
is the 12mm the oil pan and the 17mm is the clutch? am I now over filled by X# of quarts?

I'm an idiot!!!!
But I sure am glad I caught it....
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