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Intro from Paradise

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Paradise is what we call living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. My wife and I received our 2020 Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve a couple weeks ago from Route 66 Motorsports in Kingman, AZ. After I put in my PRP harnesses, I had the dealer install the Honda light bar (ridiculously expensive), S&B separator, lower door panels, and street legal accessories along with a few other things.
Not only have I never driven a SXS, but I’ve never rode in one (last time I was in the dirt was on my modified Honda 305 Scrambler). However, my wife and I decided to purchase a SXS since most of our friends here have them (mostly RZR Turbos). Why a Talon-4? First, because Harley doesn’t make one and secondly, they don’t have belt drives. We have been boaters for decades, now we something else to do during the winter.
Hope to see some nice rides here and learn a few things along the way. Thanks, Clancy
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