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Note to anyone installing the winch: The installation instructions are pretty straight forward however, back at the battery where it says to connect the black wire, it is actually the red one that needs to be connected, at least on my Talon. (The black wire was already connected)

Skid Plate

I have installed the beefed up skid plate on my machine. Searched to the end of the net for instructions, called the dealer and finally just had to winged it.
The old skid plate has to come off.
Look at the old skid plate, anywhere you removed a counter sunk bolt, that's where the spacers go. install the spacers first, then the skid plate.
I fumbled my way through the installation to the end and had a small bracket and a longer bolt that I still hadn't figured out where went however, I found the hole on the skid plate towards the front in the middle, from the top side, lay the bracket over the frame cross member located directly above skid plate "empty hole", the long bolt goes through the skid plate, through the cross member and screws into the bracket. Hope this helps. It sucks that they didn't provide instructions.


I installed the SSV sound system in my machine, it took a few hours, I love it. Now I want to get speakers for the rear, they are plug and play also and will be easy to install. I also installed the switch plate but honestly I don't think you need it for the stereo. They recommended the switch plate for the stereo and the winch, I never did understand why as neither are tied in to the switch plate. I guess it's pretty handy having the volt meter, especially for when using the winch . That being said, I plan to add a light bar on the front and other additional lights and the switch plate will make the installation quick and easy for any electrical equipment that gets added to the machine. Anyway, long story short, you can install the stereo and the winch without purchasing the switch plate.

Hope this helps someone

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was this with the honda Skid option ?

the Factory UTV skid is pretty legit, they have instructions, pretty straight forward install, with some drilling required, but is really the best skid plate you can get for these. also have an aluminum x-brace plate you can get that backs the UHMW skid they have and protects your oil pan too, check this video out might show a little more
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