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I am re-posting this from a Talon FB page. It was my reply to a question on how to adjust the Talon X suspension to prevent nose diving off jumps. Hopefully, Honda will upgrade the dampers soon:
"The coilovers Honda selected for the X were the biggest disappointment, for me, in the build spec. I've been setting up 2 and 4 wheeled car & bike suspensions for decades. The best suspension dampers have separate high and low speed adjustment, for both compression and rebound, and come with matched rate springs, tuned for the specific vehicle/purpose/typical use (track, road, speed/skill, level, conditions, etc.). The next step down would be dampers with high/low speed compression, and rebound adjustment. Unfortunately, Honda went cheap on one of the most expensive components to replace/upgrade. The first adjustment to stop stink bugging off jumps would be to increase rebound damping on the rear axle, but we can't do that with the stock X dampers. Honda could have provided real adjustment for nominal cost. Instead, users are faced with major expense to get dampers that are actually tuneable."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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