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Hill start and i-4wd not working

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Cross posting from honda sxs club, seems like their may be a few more here with more technical knowledge.

So from day 1 my hill start didn't work. I didn't really care since I just 2 foot it when needed.

After a certain thread some of you may know of, there was a consensus that my I4wd wasn't working properly either.

I figured it was probably a loose connection or bad sensor. Well it's been at the dealer for a week and they are supposedly having a hell of a time with it. I guess they have tons and tons of hours into it and can't figure it out. Today they replaced the switch itself and it's still not working.

This is killing me, I bought the thing right after Xmas. So not even a month. This is the 3rd time it's been at the dealer. Feels like half the time I've owned it, it's been at the dealer. I bought a honda to avoid this. All my buddies with their supposedly unreliable Polaris' are out riding.
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So after almost 2 weeks, they think it's a bad I4wd module. Last I talked to them, they had one on order, I'll update when they get it in and see if it's fixed.
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Module is in, and they say the hill start is working.
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Man I definitely wasn't missing anything when the i4wd wasn't working. What a poor system for a serious off road machine.

I tried doing some actually rock crawling today and there were times when it just wouldn't put power to the wheel that needed it. Just sit there and spin 3 tires.

A few times I slid off line before it would kick in, but it was too late.
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