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Bought a new 1000R a couple months ago. Been riding it in the hills and dunes a couple times a week. I've been a back country snowmobiler for over 50 years and was worried about the fact my under 500 pound turbo'd sled has over 200 horsepower and the 1500 pound sxs has a little over 100 HP.
The Talon has been a lot of fun, I really don't notice the lack of HP and IMO it's really nimble.

One of my hobbies is building retro-mods out of 60s and 70s Ford products. I do all the work including painting except for the engine machining. I've made a few parts for the Talon, the first was a new shifter gate and brackets for the street legal blinkers (no hole in the fender), high stop lights and a plate for the rocker switches. I also made a saddle for a 1.25 gallon can under the hood.

I'm hoping to get a lot of fun miles out of this expensive toy.

Here's some photos of the Talon and a couple of the 1970 Cyclone that's almost complete.
Sorry about all the bragging.
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