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Installed a go pro camera on my Talon with a gimble. Made it so you can easily take it off with spring loaded pins. Does anyone have any preferred go pro settings to use the least amount of memory card but still get clear and fast recordings?

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I have some good general settings for any camera that is in motion as well as Gimbal Control (see below). I also have a better camera recommendation too. Personally, I have had not ton of luck in GoPro (hero 7 / hero 8) cameras on a SXS because they do NOT support external power, and remote stereo microphones, so the end results ends up wasting time with batteries and having terrible wind/engine/cab noise that ends up creating sub par video. (See video below)

1) For any post editing make sure you data bit rate is above 100megabits per second. Otherwise blue skies, gradients will look poor in transitions
2) If you are going to shoot in MPEG..... and your camera does not support H.265 use H264 at the highest rate. Keep in mind that H.264 MPEG is only 16bit blocks so your color and sharpness are significantly lower so this will defeat 4k, even compared to 4k say found in an iphone 11 pro.
3) Use neutral density filters if sunny if you can not control your aperture manually!! Why? Set your shutter at about 2 to 2.5 times your frame rate when in motion. This applies to drones too. Example if you shoot 4K, H.265, 60 fps, try to use a shutter speed around 120 fps to 200 fps, and this will require using a neutral density filter to avoid fast shutters like 800 to 1000 fps which can cause a whole host of problems in the quality. It clears up flicker as well but helps with any rolling shutter depending on your camera. The other option is to set your aperture to a small diameter or larger number say, f8 to f18.
4) For slow motion use a min of 120fps at 1080 or you will loose resolution in editing. Again, here you need a min of 100megabits per second data rate, or slowing the footage with show gradient defects. Also, for this if you are doing TimeShift, or Speed Ramping try to use a shutter speed at about 500 to 800 / sec. If it's 1 to 1 slow motion, use the fastest shutter you can, in particular if you are doing stuff over 240 fps. Keep the fstop open (i.e f/1.8).
5) For Gimbals, I like ones that are aluminum, sealed, and allow direct connection of power by soldering in a BEC then connecting to my Honda Talon thru the battery. Pilot Fly, designed in Germany, makes some great gimbals. It has a remote, so I can turn it and adjust it when driving. Also, I prefer a gimbal I can re-program on my mac or iphone, to control the rates. I have had a pilot fly on my YXZ and talon in mud, water, and it's lasted several years.
Note: I just bought a OSMO 3 for my iPhone 11 Pro, and I am very impressed. I have had it at 110 mph in my car, and it's rock steady. I've not had time to film with it yet, but it's very impressive and super cheap.
6) Run your audio separately away from the camera. I run a mic into say a helmet, or for voice, but I have a Sennheiser Mic that I run up under my spare tire with a furry cover that stops wind noise 100 percent. Sony makes a great cheap stereo mic as well. I think it's about $50 or less. You can switch your audio or have a mixer or as we do, I integrate it into the PCI headsets. This way I can have the cool motor exhaust noise, without squeaking brakes, cab noise, and transmission noise ( a big deal for Can am and YXZ's) and not get that condensed sound caused by water proof cases or enclosures around the camera. If I need to speak and describe something I just flick a audio switch and our voices get picked up, in stereo to the camera.
7) Color-- ~ avoid enhanced color, or vivd colors. Use a sLog type codec, or a log-color profile, and do all your color corrections in post (I.e. Final cut Pro, Premire, Luma Key...). Your camera has a tiny processor, and it won't do what your Mac or even iPad Pro can do in post. This used to be time consuming but now you can just download a LUT, usually for free, tweak some settings, then apply to your clip, match other footage and your done. Makes a huge difference to avoid any color saturation done by the camera. Keep in mind this is different than HDR video if your camera supports that.

I attached an audio clip below of my YXZ, which has exhaust mods and I swear is the loudest SXS, unlike the Talon, on the market. If you have driven a YXZ the transmission noise kills the cameras. IF you have a quiet SXS, like the talon, the camera mic picks up all the inside cab noises, shifts, tire noise, and creates a muffled noise that is eliminated with an external mic. You can still hear it, but the remote mic is key. Although, I'm sure the Talon will have some new exhaust shortly, having a remote mic makes it very deep sounding which is great because the stock talon sounds like a lawn mower. lol The clips below gives a good idea of how much this cleans up the audio moving the mic away from the camera because if you can make a YXZ sound clean, everyting else is amazing. If I tried to run audio just off the action cam the audio would be so distorted.

Most my Youtube clips are using a Sony X3000 because it can run all day long, both the camera and gimbal on my Talon power, with no batteries, but I have ordered a Insta360 One R to replace it. PilotFly says they will have a gimbal system that will support the Insta360 One R. I have had more luck buying the Piloty fly gimbals on the ".tw" site versus the germal (.de) site. Again the Insta360 One R goes a step beyond the Sony, and miles above the new GoPro 8 with a multiple lenses, resolution, wireless microphone. I have included a link for that below. I think it makes a huge difference, even with this new Insta360 One R, to have a gimbal, but I see this as the best SXS camera that is available because it gives you power, camera lens, 360 or wide view options that are perfect for SXS's and goes beyond the mentality of having a camera mounted on a helmet.

No Batteries, Action Cam and Piloty Fly gimbal on Honda Talon Power:

Best New Camera for SXS's:

Other great features that could be used for a SXS:

Sennheiser Audio mic sample on a super loud YXZ:

Pilotfly set up in the front, wired to the Talon.

SennHeiser Mic, with wind fur under spare tire:
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