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First in depth look at the R and X

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There are a bunch of videos popping up online which go over the specs of the Talon 1000. This is one of the more detailed looks at what makes the Talon unique and how it compares to key rivals like the RZR and YXZ.
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People are demanding more from the Talon which makes you wonder how reviews like this would grow.
I understand that Honda did a soft launch and for good reason, its their first time.
Great breakdown of the powertrain and I think a lot of sport sxs owners will appreciate no power loss from belt slippage. Even if its less powerful than rivals, it should put the power down more consistently and reliably.
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The 6 speed DCT gearbox should help it to stay competitive with any rival in a flat out acceleration test. For actual off road performance, torque is a much more important statistic.
The same can be said for anything that gives owners more control and a tailored experience overall which that DCT does with power delivery. Done by Honda is a bigger bonus as they're know for building driver vehicles.
If anything this move by Honda could force Polaris and Can AM to offer dual clutch tranny's in their upcoming models. I think everyone would be happy to see these companies move away from belt drives and possibly even explore more manual shift transmissions.
Honda has been known to influence the markets it competes in especially since when it does something, people know it works and thus creates customers confident in the new innovations.
Not only will moving away from belt drives reduce maintenance and down times, it should also allow newer sxs's to wade deeper into bodies of water. I know there are snorkel kits that you can buy but as far as I know those don't protect the clutch. Full on manual gearboxes will continue to be a very niche option.
I wouldn't care for a manual system only a system that allows for some manual control to make you feel more engaged in the action. Aside from that its useless and takes away from future innovations.
So...paddle shifters. A given riders interest in a manual will be really dependent on their given use of the machine. If you are spending a lot of time in the lower gears out on trails, you're going to quickly tire of that third pedal.
Heard a lot of positive feedback of the YXZ1kR and its lower gearing sort of proves what really works for the sportier side by side market.
To be honest I rather see side by sides like that which offer a consistent experience which will only grow and target different needs as the consumer base grows. Demographics are also a big player here.
From what I've read about the TXZ is that the 5 speed manual is basically bulletproof. Without the need for a CVT, that means less maintenance as well, aside from changing clutch plates from time to time. Agree with DeeCeeTee that your interest in one will change depending on where you plan on running the sxs.
good video and I like how it covered everything
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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