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Just off the top of my head

System 3 Beadlocks
30" Motovator tires
spare tire rack
Tuck scissor jack
Honda rock sliders
Big dog winch with synthetic rope
cable stop and blue hook
Receiver hitch
Clevis loop in hitch
rear swing arm protectors
roof light bar
rear back up lights
dash switch plate
4 point harnesses
Half smoked windshield
fender mud busters
rear view mirror
side mirrors
Honda center seat bag
Honda door bags
roof storage bags
Honda lower door inserts
hood decal
Samsung tablet roll bar mount for gps mapping

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The rear is the same width, the front off set is 2 inches wider over all 1" per wheel. The stock front offset is 6 x 1 an the rear is 5 x 2. I choose to go with 5 x 2 all the way around. This allows me to rotate my tires, as well as my spare working front or back.
The total width in front is now just under 72. These tires are also wider than the front stock. Some run spacers in the back but i don't like them. We did some pretty extreme trail riding last weekend and i kind of like the wider front, it's more visible and i know if my front makes it through, I don't have to worry about hanging a rear wheel.
Yes, they are the gunmetal gray.
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