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I purchased this mount after seeing another forum member use this post on their Talon. I had been searching for a single post or a bed tire mount to keep the tire low and tucked into the bed area for a few months and didn't know that Factory UTV allowed customization of their mounts. When that member made their post and mentioned that Factory UTV will work with you for what you need I asked a few questions, gave a call to the vendor and my mount was being processed.

Reference post Budget friendly spare tire mount for the original post I used to get where I am. This isn't a duplicated forum post though. Of course the other member had a great write up and I was 95% sold on the product then. However, we race our Talon and I was worried about slippage during the race. Upon seeing the extra gussets and supports welded onto the mount I wasn't worried about it yielding, but still found myself slightly worried about it slipping. I have a 32 inch Maxxis tire that fits perfectly in the stock cage as you can see in the photos. I had the length of the mount be 9 1/8 inches in length and that allowed me to have the mount vertical so the tire sat level in the back of the bed. I think that allowed some extra support from the roll cage also, but it wasn't pressed against the cage hard. Just a little. Factory UTV rushed this out to me as well, so hats off to them for the service. I spoke with Beth and she was very helpful and quick with responses. I opted to have the mount sent raw also so it could be sent out faster. I may paint it, but I'm finding myself liking the raw look.

The last thing I want to say is I can fully stand behind this mount being tough and not at risk of slipping because during our race we had two close calls that put a lot of force in the rear of the UTV. Needless to say the miles of whoops and rough terrain we were tackling at race pace and the mount didn't budge. If you're looking for a mount to keep the tire low, I think this is the ticket.


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