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Trying to get my Talon 1000x to pass the inspection to ride in Everglades. It may be quite a challenge as I have a performance exhaust and the requirement is no more than 60db at 50 feet. Not sure I will be able to make it today as I have a sticking caliper on the back of my F-150 Harley Davidson and I may have to replace it. I am going to try and see if the pad will free up and will stop after a few miles to check it out. There is an effort to stop all of the side by sides from using the parks and a group did file a law suit some time ago and resulted in closing all secondary roads to any wheeled vehicles. An assessment is ongoing for some years and it looks like it is being dragged out as long as possible, it has to do with an environmental assessment to determine which secondary paths would be OK to use for ATVs and SXS it looks like that may take many years. Appears to be a delay tactic. Very difficult to get legal places to run in Florida. Current requirements are 1. Pass drivers test (very easy). 2. Proof of Florida Vehicle Registration. 3. Pass vehicle Inspection 4. Purchase pass at $100.00 (annual fee).
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