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Has anybody else checked the data with PV3 & seen this before the EOT reads backwards it's at 234 before the engine is running and goes down instead of up? Running a Hess tune & the reason why I was looking at it is because my clutch temp & oil light came on the other night while riding & was just normal riding nothing hard and I can turn it off & restart it & the light will sometimes stay off for a while but then I started it on the trailer and let it run for a bit & the light came on w/o it ever being put in gear and the service manual says to check EOT sensor voltage with the MSC but on the PV3 it only offers it check it in C or F° with the Hess tune in it, and the PV3 is on the latest update because it wasn't when I first checked & thought that might be the issue but the update didn't change anything but did offer more parameters to select. TIA
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