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I have a set of 4 stock Talon front rims laying around. They are 15X6.5", with a 5+2" offset. For use in sandy southwest desert conditions, I have a set of GBC Terra Master tires on order (30X10-15"), and I plan to mount them side A out. Will run 1.5" wheel spacers in back.

Normally I would pick a 7" wide rim, but I have these 6.5" stockers already, so I thought I would run the Terra Masters on those (to save spending $1000 on new rims!). For flotation in sand, you want the largest contact patch possible, so my issue is, will the profile of the tires on the narrower rims end up to narrow, tall, and rounded? I know 0.5" narrower vs 7" aftermarket rim might not be a big deal, but you never know. Don't want to run aired down to much (mixed terrain including some rocky trails), so I will start at about 10 PSI and experiment from there.

I do notice that the Talon desert race team runs EFX Motovator R/T tires on very narrow 6" wide KMC Grenade rims, but I imagine they want lots of tire height/volume to prevent rim damage from rocks that would take you our of the race.
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