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Let me start off by saying I realize my mistake for trusting the dealer, however I must voice my complaint with Parker Honda, AZ. Since I normally do my own maintenance and I made the mistake asking them to do a routine service while they had it in to fix my LF axel oil seal for the second time. well 28 miles after the service we are rolling own the trail at around 30 mph and my sub transmission starts howling really loud. so I pulled over and stopped. Upon checking the oil I find it is not touching the dipstick, lucky one of the other riders had a quart of engine oil which I put all of it in. (It takes 1.37 quarts). So I call Parker Honda from the trail to voice my problem and they told me to bring it in. The next day I take it to them where they check for leaks, which there is none. so I question them as to where the oil went as it was full before I took it in for service, and their answer was the tech said that he checked it before it left an it was full and it was not drained for the service. they did however drain out the engine oil that I put in on the trail and refilled it with Honda oil. I asked how much that they drained out and was told about a quart?? I know that I should of checked it, but I trusted them, lesson earned I just hope it isn't screwed up now.
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