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Here is one option if you want to change your suspension and provide fairly accurate corner weights for any SXS.

1. Go to big lots and get 4 Black and Decker bathroom scales (good to 375 Lbs.) @ $10.00 each.
2. You will need eight 2 x 6 inch boards the width of two scales you purchased.
3. 1/2 inch PVC about 8 inches wide and long enough to cover tire contact patch -- provides a slippery surface and lets suspension settle. (Lows or Home Depot for PVC board and wood)
4. Level your ride with scales in front -- two per side and level rear with 2 x 6 inch boards and PVC to match front height
5. Carefully lower car on scales and spacers and take the weight of all scales, (you may have to bounce scales or tires to "wake scales up"
6. Add the driver side scale weights -- that is your drivers side front corner weigh.
7. Add the passenger side scale weights -- that is your passenger side front corner weigh. (add both front totals for weight of front of your car)
8. Jack and release car about 10 times or until your readings are consistent. Average the weights for a bit more accuracy.
9. Jack and move scales to the rear and repeat. (Add front and rear totals for total weight of your car)
10. Provide your corner weights to a suspension expert to help select the best possible springs. Also supply any suspension upgrades. Remember rider and passenger weight as well, full or half tank of gas … the more facts the better!

This is not as accurate as using expensive scales but is far more accurate than adding up the OEM or aftermarket listed weight of the items and adding that to the OEM specified weight. If you are going to alter springs best to give the vendor the corner weights and this is an excellent way to do it cheaply. It does set up a base for you to work with and helps as you add or subtract items from your car.

Allow room for the tires to slide the PVC and glass top scales will allow your suspension to settle. When you lower the tire you can see it move 4 to six inches laterally.

Rear with 2 x 6s and spacers:


Scales showing weight of one corner (Just add the two figures for actual corner weight)

Wheel with wood spacer and PVC
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